e-LEGEND Concept unveiled by Peugeot

e-LEGEND Concept unveiled by Peugeot

Posted on 25 Sept 2018


Peugeot e-LEGEND CONCEPT is not just a technological manifesto. It is the vision of the Peugeot Brand actively looking towards an optimistic and ultra-desirable future. For Peugeot, electric and autonomous are synonymous wit even stronger sensations, and boredom is clearly not part of the Peugeot Brand's DNA.


Throughout the project, the Peugeot Style team were guided by a desire to offer a rich aesthetic, technological and immersive experience in a compact coupé. It is this realism in terms of space and proportions that makes Peugeot e-LEGEND CONCEPT so dynamic and enables it to embody the Peugeot Brand's ambition with so much modernity and energy.


Our sole objective: to feel as comfortable in your car, however you drive it, as you would in your own home. A subtle combination of high-tech components and refined materials.

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